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Our History

The Company, Mohr Foods (Pty) Ltd, started out in 1080 as a small operation venturing into the food flavouring and spice industry.

The founder, Mr Claus Mohr, former CEO of the well known Bull Brand organization became interested in the food flavouring and spice industry as the meat industry worked hand in hand with this industry. During these times, the butcher shops were rated not only by their quality of fresh meat products but also by the skill of the butcher and his team to flavour and marinate the meat. One such a flavoursome product caught his attention above all others and became the foundational product on which the success of the company was built. The product was Garlic!

Over a period of 40 years this company has grown into a mature “niche market food supplier” and offer a comprehensive range of Garlic, Dried Tomatoes, Dried Onions and a range of Dried Vegetables. The company conforms to the highest standards of food safety and comply with annual food safety audits.

Our Legacy

We strive to build a legacy of promoting the importance of consuming highly nutritional healthy natural foods, whilst protecting our world against consumption of harmful non nutritional food producers.

For almost 40 years we have produced, processed and distributed our garlic to many of the large and small retailers throughout South Africa. Apart from PRODUCING THE “HOUSE BRANDS” of some of the large retailers Mohr Foods (Pty) Ltd has also built its own brands “QUALIFRESH” AND “MOHR”. Today Mohr Foods (Pty) Ltd is one of the largest independent distributors of Garlic, dried Tomatoes and dried Onions in South Africa.

We grow our own produce as far as possible in order to ensure quality and sustainability of supply. In a time of great change and disruption in many industries, our management team places a lot of focus on strategy and embraces the need for research and innovation. New produce varieties are planted and tested often resulting in new product development. Our garlic products contain no preservatives or GMO’s and remains 100% pure.


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